Жизнь прекрасна!


Gifts and all that surround them are a special area of our lives. Exchanging gifts is an almost sacred symbolic act, associated with a broad range of feelings and emotions. To receive gifts is no less pleasant than to give them, which means that both sides get equal emotional satisfaction. Gifts allow us to express our thoughts that do not always easily translate into words. Giving a gift we can express our attitude to a person, but we can also offend him or her. In other words, choosing a gift requires a responsible approach. This is a whole science, studied in the Gift Academy. However, we all have some elementary skills (or, rather, intuition) on how to make gifts. Often we can get some gift experience before birth as our relatives and their friends are preparing for our coming into this world – an event they surround with all kinds of things to make it more joyous and comfortable.

Several times a year we have to find a gift for our relatives, loved ones, friends, colleagues, doctors, teachers or acquaintances. In each case the choice depends on many factors, including character, personal likings and dislikes, age, lifestyle, closeness or your relations, job position (of both for whom the gift is intended and from whom), our knowledge or guesses about what this or that person would like/need to have, etiquette rules, and the occasion on which the gift is being made. Without going into such delicate and very private areas as character, preferences or lifestyle (opinions usually differ widely here), we are offering several general gift ideas.

Theoretically, anything can be a gift. You just need to have a very good idea of what the recipient is dreaming about at this very time. If you have doubts on that account, see the sections of our website offering a range of potential gifts for various occasions.

Gifts for women

For her (your beloved, wife, sister, mother, daughter, or colleague, in each case your choice will be different) we offer a long list of gifts, including jewelry items, watches and other accessories, as well as perfume, make-up and nice little things like boxes or notebooks. A good idea would be a book on the history of fashion, a real treasure box of ideas and long-forgotten original solutions for a unique image.

Gifts for men

For him (for all occasions and all sorts of relations) the range of gifts is much stricter and more reserved, in line with his strong character: wallets and purses, pens and organizers (but make sure that the person in question does not interpret your gift as an accusation of forgetfulness), gloves, travel bags (for example, for colleagues who often go on business trips), travel shaving sets, flasks, GPS navigators (“don’t get lost and come back sooner” message), wine stands (for the lucky owners of wine cellars), playing card sets (for those who like to try their luck), cufflinks and many other useful and practical things.

Gifts for children

A special collection of gifts is for kids. Bright clothes, toys, small rucksacks, stationery for schoolchildren, sleeping bags for those captured by the romanticism of travel, cosmetic bags and jewelry for girls, and of course sweets – all that will make the little hero of the day happy, also filling a family holiday such as a New Year or Christmas with children’s laughter.

Gifts for holidays

There are also traditional gift ideas for holidays such as New Year, Christmas and Easter: New-Year tree decorations, the small figures of Father Frost, singing angels, snowflakes, lamps, sweets, Easter eggs and holders for them… On our website you will find lots of ideas for decorative of practical gifts that will create a festive atmosphere.

 There are special sections for wedding, housewarming and other family holiday occasions. The best gifts for such occasions are household utensils. As a baby birth gift you can give anything that will be useful for the baby and its mother, such as bootees, toys, bathing accessories, baby carrying equipment and even children’s make-up.

Choosing gifts for your loved ones, rely on your intuition. You can even make the gift yourself (with the help of the Gifts encyclopedia). As for more formal relations, etiquette rules should be observed. If you are looking for a gift for someone you don’t know well, look into an etiquette encyclopedia (for example, the classic Emily Post’s Etiquette, which has served several generations) for ideas about proper gifts on this or that occasion. Ideas offered by the author will help if you are unable to choose from a variety of gift ideas.

Good luck! And have a nice holiday!