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 Our online store accepts payments via PayPal only at this time.

Why do we, and why should you use PayPal?

  • It is much faster than sending cheques and money orders (or even cash!!);
  • PayPal has leading fraud protection systems to ensure safety;
  • PayPal provides both security and privacy of your sensitive payment information;
  • PayPal is globally ;
  • Payments can be made instantly, and in 190 countries and regions around the world.

Security and Peace of Mind for Shoppers

The Paypal System offers a lot of buyer protection for customers:

  • Refunds - The seller can refund all or part of your payment;
  • Disputes- if the goods you purchased goods are not received or do not match the description PayPal specialists will assist you in getting the money back from the client by freezing the amount in the seller's account. If the transaction is shown to be fraudulent, the amount paid will be refunded to the buyer completely;
  • Insurance – if you are an injured party in the transaction and the seller has no funds - PayPal will refund you up to $200.

Safe Only Payments - Comfort and Peace of Mind

  • Pay at online stores like Glamaround.com without giving your card details directly to the site
  • Quickly and conveniently pay for purchases on the Internet;
  • Send money from 190 countries in all regions of the globe.

Pay Online From Anywhere in the World

  • Make purchases here at Glamaround.com;
  • Shop from anywhere in the world from our online store.

It is free to open a PayPal account and registration only takes a 1 minute without the need to pay a deposit or any money up front. You will automatically have access to all the great features of paypal and be protected from data theft and card fraud.

Register for a Paypal account.